"I didn't want him in jail."

The attorney didn't know much about the evidence in Michael's last case. He told reporters: “You've got to investigate, you've got to find real evidence. If they [the doctors] oversubscribed medication, if they tried to unable him, if they tried to manipulate him, they should be prosecuted. When I represented Michael, I sat with him 5 days a week, for 5 months on the trial. He was always lucid, very consciousness, just very articulate. I never had any sense that he was overmedicated, never.”

When asked about Michael's pajamas, he said: “The fact of the matter is, he hurt his back that morning and went to the hospital. I told the judge what was going on. He wanted him there in 45 minutes, or he was going to put him in jail, and then bail. I said to Michael: ‘You come to court right now, whatever you are wearing, OK.’ That was MY idea, that is my fault. He wanted to go home and change, but I wanted him there right away, cause I didn't want him in jail. So I am responsible for that.”



“I don't know how people are going to take this, but I wish it was me. He went too soon. I wanted to be there for him. I was there and he was sort of like molded. Things he couldn't say, I would say them. During the trials, during everything.”

Quincy told Details magazine: “I don't believe in any of that bulls**t, no. No. Never. I've been around junkies and stuff all my life. I've heard every excuse. It's like smokers, ‘I only smoke when I drink’ and all that stuff. But it's bulls**t.”

According to the family lawyer, Brian Oxman, Michael was taking 40 prescription pills a day during his 2005 abuse trial. He insists the King of Pop was taking huge amounts of strong painkiller Vicodin as Michael fought allegations of child abuse. 

The author describes in detail how the mysterious death of Michael Jackson could be explained. The ultimate story about Michael Jackson's life, his work as a humanitarian, his awards, and finally his last days.


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